About Us

We are able to supply a wide range of custom-made eco bags according to your preferred design and specifications. Some of our product ranges include but is not limited to, tote bags, non-woven bags, woven bags, and many other types’ of eco bags. With our ISO-accredited plants in China, we are able to provide very competitive manufacturer-price! Our clienteles include Sime Darby Healthcare, The Star Publications, GSK Ribena, F&N, Sunway City Berhad, HABA, Isuzu, SEGi College, AVIRA, Curtin University, KLIUC, NutriPlus, Vista Eye Specialist, Swissline and many others.

There have been much talk-about going green and protecting the environment. Despites much effort by the government and organisations, the awareness and action amongst corporate and public in preserving the environment is still slow.

In SPD Marketing, we believe small but effective step is more effective than merely shouting for green slogan. Our aim is to make eco-bags common and affordable to everyone. By doing so, the objective of cleaning up the earth via using affordable eco bag can be achieved.